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Where You Should Party In Dubai

Dubai is known for its shiny lights and extravagance, it has become a hub for the world’s trendiest party goers, and people who know how to have a good time. It is the defining place for all the glitz and glam you could ever find. Absolutely everything in Dubai glitters, from the people to the buildings, to their exquisite food and beverage industry, and to most importantly their lively parties. Today we picked out a few of our favorite party destinations in Dubai.

Music Hall Dubai:

The Music Hall experience does not resemble any party one might encounter. It is truly unique, Elef Group have intricately created an out of this world concept, transforming the experience from party, to spectacle. Music Hall was described as “not just a theater venue, and much more than a club”. Music Hall allows you to experience state of the art performances, by at least ten performers each night. Music Hall Dubai opens Thursday and Friday.

ShadowPP MusicHall 2041_114352

Cirque Le Soir:

Located at the trendy Fairmont Hotel, the trendy locale was launched in November of the year 2011. It is the first Cirque Le Soir venue to officially open its doors to the elite clientele, and party goers of Dubai. The concept is amazing, and the guests are paraded into the club by an amazingly creative cast of performers for the cirque.  The place also offers delicious cocktails crafted by their in house sommelier and mixologists.

Cirque Le Soir


Toy Room:

The Toy Room is for the young and trendy, an amazing concept that has opened its doors in Dubai, after having been one of London’s pioneering venues, and nightlife hotspots.  The Toy Room is literally a place to relax, have fun, loosen up, dance, drink; basically it is a Toy Room for big girls and boys. It is a must try, their music spectacular! You also get to meet Frank at the Toy Room.

Frank Toy Room Toy Room

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