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Let’s Talk Fashion Illustration

Illustration is one of the arts that should be more appreciated. Being one of fashion’s most basic pillars, many individuals have pioneered in the fashion world, through their illustrations, however the public eye does not give proper credit for these individuals, and if they do, credit is still due for these artists. Today, we take a look at the best illustrators whos drawings graced the world’s most acclaimed magazines.

Tony Viramontes

Born in 1960, Tony Viramontes was an American born illustrator, for both fashion, and beauty. Viramontes’ work appeared in the world’s most acclaimed magazines, from Vogue, to Marie Claire, To Le Monde. He collaborated with the acclaimed band Duran Duran, for his first exclusive exhibition, which merged music, and art. Unfortunately, the brilliant illustrator died in 1988 from AIDS.


Marcel Vertes

Vertes was the costume designer responsible for the brilliant costumes of the 1952 edition of Moulin Rouge, winning him academy awards for Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design. Additionally, Vertes is the talent behind New York’s Carlyle Hotel murals, within the Café Carlyle.


Helene Tran

Helene Tran was a Franco Vietnamese illustrator, who began her career in women’s magazines, such as Marie Claire, and she. Tran became one of the world’s most praised illustrators, catching the attention of the group Conde Nast, she continued to create illustrations for French, German, and Japanese Vogue, as well as Madame Figaro, and Viewpoint. Tran, continued to design for Yohji Yamamoto, also collaborating with the house of Hermes.

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Gladys Perint Palmer

Palmer is a native of Budapest Hungary; she studied fashion at London’s Central Saint Martin’s School of Art, during her extended studies in New York, focusing on fashion illustration. Perint-Palmer, has had international exhibitions, in New York, Paris, Milan, Shanghai, London, Hong Kong, and San Fransico.

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