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Our Favorite Pictures By Tim Burton

When you think of the director Tim Burton, the first thing that comes to mind is his innovation, and creativity. The director is an absolute genius for when it comes to placing together an ideal scene in matters of visual, content, and harmony. Burton uses surreal creative imagery in most of his films to transport the viewer from their seats at the movies or at home, into state of the art, massive, beautiful spaces, and locations.

Today, in our article we will tell you more about this brilliant director’s best features to ever hit the screens. Burton’s films are so diverse both thematically, as well as visually. So today we have put together a line up for Tim Burton’s must watch films, and it goes as follows:

Edward Scissorhands:

Edward is an unfinished artificial creation by a human scientist, who never got the opportunity to complete Edward, who is in part extremely kind, but unfortunately has sharp scissor hands, and fingers. In the film Edward is taken in by a family from suburbia. Edward begins being infatuated with the daughter, whose name is Kim. The film stars Johnny Depp, as well as the beautiful Wynona Rider.

Dark Shadows:

Dark Shadows is quite a unique comedy, by Burton. It stars Johnny Depp, as Barnabas Collins, as a 200 year old vampire who was imprisoned in a coffin for an extremely long time. He comes out of the coffin so many years later, when society had invented automobiles, television sets, and technology had kicked off. It also tells the story of a town named Collinwood, with family heritage, it is an enchanting movie to watch, although disappointingly the film did better at foreign markets, rather than US box offices, I believe it was a film that was consistently entertaining.

Big Eyes:

Big Eyes was one of my favorite films of the year 2014. The film tells the amazing true story of, Margaret Keane, depicted by Amy Adams, an artist who was marries to Walter Kean played by Christoph Waltz, who claims he is the artist behind Margaret Keane’s paintings, while Margaret works 16 hours per day painting; Walter takes all the credit for her work. However events drastically change, unveiling into an extremely beautiful true story, about one of the greatest artists of our modern day.

Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber on Fleet Street:

This story is a one that is portrayed quite creatively. It tells the tale of Sweeney Todd, a barber who brutally murders his clients with his sharp barber razors. The film also stars Johnny Depp as the protagonist, and the slayer. The film is a creative, dark, and captivating musical. The film received acclaimed awards and nominations.

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