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Our Picks of Book Covers of The Year

Books are all about inspiration, when one purchases a book, the most precious thing they are given, is the grace and the honesty of somebody else’s ideas. Ideas are the most valuable thing known to man, they are what keep us hopeful, and to us, books are integrated into that beautiful scheme of knowledge and entertainment at once.

They say you cannot judge a book by its cover. I completely agree to this saying, but aesthetics contribute a great deal to the things we feel most compelled to purchase. It is only fair to do a writer justice when designing a book cover. A book cover is to resemble the in spirit essence of the story, or book, and hence translate that into one single visual, able to represent what this book stands for.

The New York Times, has recently released its favorite book covers of the past year, and we got to take a look at that list, hence choosing a number of covers we believe are groundbreaking designs, perfectly molded for the content they hold.

So our picks from this long and hefty list, go as follows:

Steven Milhauster’s Voices in the Night, is a novel published on April the 14th, 2015.  The book is a compilation of sixteen new stories, the story explores hyper realism, and it speaks of the intimate desires of very ordinary people.


Satin Island by Tom McCarthy, the author is a resident of London, and an alumnus of The New College in Oxford. This book delivers to the reader many moments of clarity, although some individuals find it quite edgy, and complex. It is quite an interesting read though. McCarthy is the winner of The Windham Campbell Prize.


Cesar Aira’s novel The Musical Brain was published on March the 3rd, of 2015. The writer is Argentinean, and in his novel, he tells a compilation of twenty stories spanning 20 years.  The stories are various and have been described as “stories of oddballs, freaks, and loonies.”


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