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Aspire Park, Massively Gorgeous

We previously discussed Aspire Zone as a whole, and Aspire Academy to be more specific. Today however we will be delving further into getting to know this institution, and taking a closer look at one of the very dynamic landmarks of this huge complex, today we look at Aspire Park. Aspire Park is so well renowned, since it is Doha’s absolutely biggest park. What is so beautiful about Aspire Park is the fact that it holds some of the world’s rarest species of trees, as well as some beautifully designed fountains.

Aspire Park is located very close to The Villagio Mall, and The Hyatt Plaza. Aspire Park is in the southern district of Al Waab, in Doha. Aspire Park is described as an exceptional jewel in an oasis. We can truly feel the energy that this location brings. The park as we previously described, is massive, spanning over an area of 880,000 m² accommodating a huge number of visitors, and mostly families.

The park is a recreational area, and within the park is an area especially dedicated to children, and child entertainment, also found within the park is a jogging track, football fields, as well as some gorgeous fountains. The area is powered by solar panels, which are extremely eco friendly.


The Aspire Park holds the only unique lake in Qatar, and in it is a place for aquatic animals. However, there is a certain dress code that one should take consideration of.

Exotic trees are found within the park; of them are floss silk trees, or what people call the boab tree, a tree that is taking the industrial design world with its gorgeous appearance, and vibrant color.

The Aspire Park is definitely a must visit, we will definitely be telling you more at the beautiful amenities that can host you if you are planning to stay at Aspire Zone. Aspire Park promotes good fitness, and body activity and it is quite an intelligent move that truly motivates the residents of Qatar, and entertains the visitors from abroad.



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