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Flying In The 70’s: A Wonder

If you are a reader of The Life Pile, then you are definitely aware of our avid love for flying! We travel to explore new cultures, try new food, experience new traditions, but none of this experience comes without the pain of having to spend many hours on board an airplane.

Flying is quite costly, especially if you are a regular traveler. We recently brought you an article about Qatar Airway’s launching its new super business class; we also mentioned that Air France has also launched its Premiere Classe. However our topic today, does not consist of what is new, however today, we will tell you more about the old!

Let us start with discussing the past. In the seventies, individuals considered flying, a sort of enjoyable activity. This is noted in vintage books, and movies, where characters truly anticipate the experience of flying. When I came to research the topic, I came across some images that absolutely blew my mind!

Back then, travelers used to have a blast on board the airplane. When the industry started booming, and especially in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, the people designing the airplanes did not take into consideration the maximized capacity of travelers they can fit into a plane as though it were a sardine box, instead they made the plane ride, a complete state of the art luxury experience.

Riding a plane has seriously become so unpleasant, and so un-enjoyable. Practically everyone dislikes the experience, however in recent times, and with Air France’s Premiere Classe, and Qatar’s Super Business Class, airlines are beginning to realize how congesting airplanes, and fitting in as many people as possible into it, is not the most practical thing in the world. We are slowly returning to the past, defining it as luxury, when in fact, this is the manner things are supposed to be.

coach and business lounge

In the past, airlines had comfortable lounges for individuals flying coach. Taking a trip was more like staying at a fancy hotel. The food was served at a restaurant within the plane, and travelers enjoyed live music on board with an electrical organ, mini bars everywhere. In the 1930’s travelers enjoyed the wonderful luxury of having personal dressing rooms, as well as powder rooms especially designed for ladies.

We believe it is about time airlines stepped in the correct direction and not only for business class passengers. The entire experience of flying should be more entertaining, it should be more comfortable. To learn more about the trends, and the emerging new concept by Qatar Airways, read our article about their super business class.

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