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This Little Piggy Is So Good!

By this point, our readers know how much of an avid love we have for pulled pork. We have been literally to every single recommended pulled pork restaurant around town, no matter where we are. Luckily, and through Instagram, and the famous No Garlic No Onions food blog, we picked up on a concept that is unfortunately not constantly available, however worth the wait.

This is how my love story with This Little Piggy begun. During the summer, This Little Piggy set up a kiosk at the food market. Each week the food market rotated moving from Broumana, to Jbeil, to Downtown, and Mar Mikhael.

Every single time this market was open, I literally ran for the mere reason, of having this single sandwich from This Little Piggy, their more than famous pulled pork sandwich.


The Pulled Pork is smoked for approximately ten hours straight; it is then introduced to a mouthwatering bun, some fresh cabbage mix, and a mildly sweet barbeque sauce that perfectly complements the flavors of the melting pork. To top that all of they add some slices of cheese, that add a gorgeous flavor of the tender lean meat.

Each week I was bringing along a new friend to try out this sandwich, and every single time they took the first bite, it induced a smile, some fancy praise, or even a dance out of pure mouthwatering bliss!

This Little Piggy makes by far the best pulled pork sandwich one can ever have, and most recently the concept got more creative adding a pulled pork poutine to their menu, a dish that consists of French fries, gravy, cheese, and pulled pork. I cannot wait to give the poutine a try the sandwich was oh so blissful every single time.

We truly wish that This Little Piggy opens an actual dine in concept, we love the pop up restaurant concept, however we cannot get enough of it, and we are starting to get a wee bit too anxious every time it opens. Follow This Little Piggy on Instagram to find out, where they will be serving pulled pork next!

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