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A Closer Look At Aspire Academy

In our previous article, we introduced Aspire Zone, an entity that holds under its umbrella Aspire Academy. Today we will be introducing Aspire Academy, and tell you more about what exactly it is that they do.

Aspire Academy is based in Qatar, and was founded in 2004. The purpose of the academy is to scout for athletes, and provide them with an exceptional education, that helps bring out the excellence, and exception in them.  As previously discussed, Aspire Academy is the educational arm of Aspire Zone.

Aspire Academy has received exceptional recognition for its educational curriculum, which consists of various courses, of which are Arabic, Math, Social Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Aspire also offers students athletic scholarships, which help them pursue their degrees. This is done through the programs launched under the roof of the academy such as the Talent Identification Program, which aims at finding students within schools in Qatar, and which have exceptional talent, these students enroll in Aspire’s senior educational program, and hence pursue their education within the academy.

The HOPE project is also an initiative launched by the Academy, it stands for Habituating Overseas Professional Experience, it was launched in order to provide young players with a higher fitness education within Europe, sending exceptional students to train, in leagues such as Real Madrid, Villareal, and Red Bull Salzburg.

In addition, the academy initiated Aspire Football Dreams, a program now present in 18 countries, that aims at scouting for international football talent, and educating, investing, and training that talent. This program broke records worldwide, as two million people rushed to audition.

With a program so huge, you cannot be surprised that the ambassadors of Aspire are none other than Raul Gonzalez, Lionel Messi, and Pele. Of the most notable visitors to have graced the academy, are Raphael Nadal, Shaquile O’Neal, Carlo Ancelotti, Venus Williams, David Beckham, and Sergio Ramos.

We hope the Academy keeps up the good work, and we expect that they take into consideration the female athletes of the Arab world in particular, as we have yet to see a unique initiative aimed at women’s excellence in sports.

To learn more about the academy, and their programs, visit the Aspire Academy’s Website.

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