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Visiting Qatar, What We Have Planned

Within the coming week, we will be visiting Doha in Qatar. Qatar is one of these places in the world where we really do not know what to expect. Between the gorgeous technology, and the vast and rich culture the country has had, we are super excited to be bringing you a series of articles about our experience there.

So far what we have on our list consists of the following:

We plan to visit the Sky View Lounge at the La Cigale Hotel in Doha. Known for its exquisite view, its amazing food, and beautiful ambiance. We hope this locale is up to the expectations we have had, and the comments we have heard from the people who have previously visited.

The second locale on our list is The Museum of Islamic Art. We truly have an avid obsession with Arabic calligraphy, and the arts of the east, and with all the turbulence going on in the world concerning Islam, we want you to see the true facets, and culture of art, and creativity within this rich and ancient culture.

We will be visiting Souq Waqif which is one of the few places in Qatar that have preserved the true cultural and folk ambiance of the past. This is honestly one of the things we look forward to the most.

Visiting the W Hotel, we will have a colorful dinner at the Spice Market, a place specialized in far eastern fusion, merging amazing spices and flavors into their food. We really look forward to trying out this concept.

We have plenty of activities planned out during our visit, starting with sailing, safari, horseback riding, and sand boarding.

We also look forward to our visit to Qatar’s Aspire Zone, a locale dedicated for fitness, and well being.

We hope to bring you all the juicy details of the above locations, tastes, places, and activities. Stay tuned and on the lookout for all the happenings, and discoveries during our trip.

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