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A Look At Stanley Kubrick The Great

When you think about cinematic history, certain names come to attention instantly, however to us; the first name that comes to mind is the great Stanley Kubrick. Stanley Kubrick was described as meticulous, obsessive, perfectionist. With each of his pictures equivalent to ten films written and directed by other people. He is a mystery, he is different, he was acknowledged as the best man to ever grace cinematic history.

Described as a future threat to peace and quiet, Stanley Kubrick was a legendary individual with visions of greatness reflected within his work. He is one of the greatest artists of our time. He was enigmatic, breaking conventions. He was known for his secrecy, a chess player in each sense, strategic, aggressive, and intelligent.

He was born in New York, and remained a New Yorker his entire life, he was born on the 26th of July 1928. He was a man who remained silent whether he was applauded or damned.  Stanley went to Taft High School in the Bronx, he was known for being different, silent, and constantly carrying a book.

Kubrick grew to have an avid love of photography, a trait he established through his childhood, since his father had been an enthusiast.

Back in the day, Kubrick began taking photographs for newspapers, and magazines. Upon President Roosevelt’s death Kubrick captured the photograph of a Newspaper vendor mourning the loss of the president; this was his first highly notable photograph, he was only sixteen when he sold this photograph to Look Magazine.

Kubrick’s first picture was called Day of The Fight, a documentary about the life of Walter Cartier. He continued to film his second feature titled The Killing. Both these works are of the earlier works ahead of Kubrick’s success.

He went on to direct films so groundbreaking they became beacons of meaning, philosophy, and gorgeous imagery. Kubrick’s films not only influenced the viewers who had seen them at the time, but they went on to leave a legacy, and a tough and groundbreaking memory of meaning, symbolism. His pictures have left more than an impression, they were sensational. He is an artist truly ahead of the viewer, ahead of a story, imagining and executing visuals that embodied art with meaning.  His mind was insatiable and active, he worked and lived his work seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. Within our next article we will introduce the greatest films Stanley Kubrick has ever directed.

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