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Vanina’s Bar a Bijoux: Things We Love

Joanne Hayek, and Tatiana Fayad started the brand Vanina some few years ago; and since the launch of this brand, women have used Vanina’s accessories to boldly express fashion statements, and to showcase their style through loud and expressive pieces, designed by two women with a very fresh vision.

During the holiday season, we all go about trying to find the ideal gift for our loved ones. Luckily, Vanina has more than a few things locked in store for us, and they do make a wonderful gift.

Vanina Bar A Bijoux

First and foremost, Vanina recently launched a gorgeous concept called Bar A Bijoux, and as though one was only fixing a cocktail, the Bar a Bijoux allows you to customize the pieces you choose according to color, statement, and preference. With a huge number of pieces displayed, Vanina allows for a girl to make an expression out of something beautiful. Coincidentally, the brand launched a campaign titled: Say It Differently; and with Vanina’s bar a bijoux, one’s ideas, thoughts, feelings, and expressions intermingle, and come to life with gorgeously designed pieces.

Bar A Bijoux 2 Bar A Bijoux

The say it differently pieces express beautiful ideas, from hope, to love, in both English and French. What better statement to make for your loved ones, expressing statements and telling them that you love them “To The Moon And Back”, or “A La Folie”, or “Passionnement”. The Bar A Bijoux even expresses statements such as “Let’s be Awkward  Together”.

The Bar A Bijoux is located in Vanina’s flagship stores in Gemayzeh. Rush down during the holiday season, and customize the message you feel like sending to your loved ones. Truly a beautiful concept and one you can play with the manner at which you feel like, matching, bracelets, letters, necklaces, earrings, and so many more tiny, beautiful, and well designed elements.

Vanina always impresses us with their gorgeous work, super fresh, and creative.

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