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Highlights Of The Web Summit In Ireland

The Web Summit is an event that takes place annually; it is one of the most influential gatherings to happen within the tech industry. Pioneers from all sectors related to technology, gather at this conference. This year, the conference took place in Dublin Ireland. Within our previous article we discussed what we most looked forward to during the event.

After having seen all the action up close and personal, we thought it would be great to bring you all the juicy details; this year’s event was loaded with discussion and topics showcasing what the future of tech entails.

One thing the public has to note, is that this event started taking place five years ago, back during the first edition of the web summit around 400 people attended, this year, and with the Web Summit’s fifth edition 42,000 individuals attended the event, and it was really a huge milestone for the tech world, everyone who was anyone anticipated the event. The attendance was impressive, but what was really amazing was the content of the conference, putting all corners of tech under one roof.

Of the most essential things to know about this year’s conference are:

The talk by Scot Chacon, from Git Hub; Scot’s talk was mainly about what open source communities are able to do for the tech world. This subject is really important to us, every major framework, or software, which has grown massively in recent times, owes its success to the concept of open source coding, and sharing. Git is one of the pioneers allowing for individuals in open source communities to keep pace of changes, and of how their work is advancing, Git keeps things intact, and allows people to process their work with clarity, and systemization.

During the event, 2,160 meetings occurred among startups and over 180 investors, from more than 100 of the world’s leading funds. At any occurrence during the day, at least thirty meetings were being held among investors and project owners, or start ups. The importance of this occurrence is grave, fresh ideas are the fueling engine in tech, and with the awareness that The Web Summit has of that, it intelligently induces, and oversees that such fresh and much needed ideas, be developed through the help of experienced individuals, willing to put in funds, time, and effort, for an idea to succeed.

Nel Watson

One of the topics discussed during the event which we really appreciated, is machine ethics, and amoral machines. During the summit, there was also a Machine Summit where individuals from leading companies discussed how people nowadays interact with everyday products. Nell Watson, a futurist from Singularity University discussed robot ethics, and how machine ethics influence our lives. She expresses herself saying “I am not that afraid of amoral machines, I am more afraid of ‘super moral’ robotic entities.”

The event was a true success; we hope you have enjoyed reading the basic highlights of the event. Next year’s summit will hopefully take place in Lisbon, and we hope to bring it all to you in detail when the time comes.

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