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Tuesday Taco Night Fiesta

So one of the fun things I was really looking forward to in Amsterdam was Tuesday Taco Night at the Kriterion. The concept consists of a little get together inside the theater. The theater surprisingly contained a huge area space for cocktails, dinner, or just chilling our reading a book.

The concepts of Taco Night is fun, people get together, share a beer, share a taco, and on the plus side, one taco, is for two Euros, and one beer is also for two Euros. So by the end of your trip, when the budget gets tight, this place would be awesome for a Tuesday night hang out.


I was surprised when I saw how crowded the place was. The Kriterion is located in an area with many universities so many of the students take to the Kriterion to enjoy their evenings with friends.

The concept consisted of two types of tacos; you either order a vegetable and black bean taco, or a pulled pork taco. Personally, and since we are huge fans of pulled pork, we had countless pulled pork tacos. The vegetables and black beans taco was not as tasty as the pulled pork taco.




Overall I really think it is a fun activity to engage in, the people, the space, and the ambiance make it ideal for a Tuesday night out, probably followed by a film screening at the Kriterion film theater.




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