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Amsterdam at Night: What To Drink & Eat

Cannibale Royale

Being in Amsterdam the first two things that pop into one’s head are the parties, and the food. The city is crowded with a vivid generation of people who know how to eat and how to live. So, while we were there we decided to explore some of Amsterdam’s best bars, or locale’s for a good night out.

We started off by speaking to some friends of ours, who were locals, we were sure they knew the tips and tricks of hidden gems in Amsterdam.

To make it short, we have rounded up the three best bars to visit in Amsterdam, and why we enjoyed them so much.

Smokin' Barrels

Smokin’ Barrels

Smokin’ Barrels:

We were told to visit Smokin’ Barrels for the burgers and the ribs. Located near Oosterpark, and near Coffee Bru, the place is not one you can easily spot. However the food and the drinks there were absolutely awesome! I made sure I ordered a cocktail, as I was told they make the one of Amsterdam’s best fresh fruit cocktails around! So I asked for something creative with Gin, I go a rich fresh fruit cocktail with red berries, bubbles, and gin! It was really unique, and mouthwatering! Truly a pleasant drink! For dinner, I had to try their very famous burger, it was a runner up for burger of the world, and really it was super amazing!  The food was great, the drinks were amazing!

Werkplats at The Volkshotel

Werkplats at The Volkshotel


Werkplaats is located on Wesperplein, in Amsterdam Oost, it is actually one of the places I visited most during my stay in Amsterdam. Werkplaats can be described as perfect for anything. A dinner date, a group-meet up, drinking, to having a cup of coffee, eating, listening to live music… The ambiance is absolutely amazing, no matter what the time of day is, this place is constantly busy with creatives, with people enjoying their time. We loved visiting it so much! The drinks are great, the food is affordable, and of great quality, and the bar is really sparkle clean! We loved visiting so much!

Cannibale Royale

Cannibale Royale

Cannibale Royale:

This place was recommended by a friend of mine who is a resident in Amsterdam. Cannibale Royale is one of the trendiest most happening places in Amsterdam right now. With a location that has most recently opened in the trendy area of De Pijp, if this place is open, then it is definitely packed! We really enjoyed the mouthwatering burgers here, the service was great, and the ambiance was amazing. It radiates of a dark and rustic feel, which makes the place a perfect locale for an evening out.



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