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Our Favorite Instagram Profiles

We are big fans of Instagram, and we have been using it for quite a while now. We all have sets of profiles that we never get enough of. Due to my apt obsession with design, industrial product design, and visual arts, I have decided to share with you a short list of my favorite Instagram pages.

Each of these pages produces its own content, which I believe is really groundbreaking:

Design Milk and Design Bunker

Design Milk, and Design Bunker are two pages I think are essential, they both consist of showing their readers some brilliantly designed products, spaces, as well as estates. The concept is refreshing, you get to learn more about the art world, you get to appreciate architecture, and you get to understand how taste and time evolves when it comes to products and interiors.

Saint Hoax

Saint Hoax is the naughty one on the list! Really one of the more entertaining pages online, Saint Hoax is brilliant at satire, using visual imagery, motion, and video compositions to properly reflect what they believe in and what they stand for. I think Saint Hoax is a brilliant concept, and the people behind it come with an avid understanding of the entertainment world, and what individuals with a correct mindset are supposed to see.


Best thing there ever was to put art into words. Readers, and illustrators, and artists, submit their work to Berlin-Artparasites, and what happens is that individuals merge some amazing artwork, with mesmerizingly wise words. Creating somewhat a post that speaks a lot, visually, verbally, and emotionally, Berlin-Artparasites have so much character, and we truly appreciate the art they are bringing onto our social media.

National Geographic Travel

If what you are looking to see is a series of amazing mind blowing, pictures of mother nature, then you really must follow National Geographic Travel, not only is it informative and educational, NGT is also keen on the eye, brilliant imagery, and brilliant submissions.

Humans of New York

HONY is one of the main pillars of inspirational social media. What he is showing the world today is that humanity is found at random, and that people no matter what they look like, no matter who they love, or what they are, are humans at the bottom line. Humans of New York is an inspiration every single day! It is a social media reminder to be kind, and to be thankful.



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