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Things We Love: Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat

Touche Eclat Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

So, let’s talk about Yves Saint Laurent. I think we could all gladly delve into that topic. The designer based many of his designs on artwork inspired by Picasso, Mondrian, and Matisse, but instead of actually seeing paint on canvas, Saint Laurent created groundbreaking designs using creative shapes, molding a woman’s wardrobe into a magical realm of colors, fabrics, and textures.

What Yves Saint Laurent did to the fashion world at large, still stand ground to this day, and has in our opinion become one of the most creative tendencies in the world, something we now call street style!

Saint Laurent was truly the man behind street style fashion, also introducing women to masculine tailoring, and the famous “Le Smoking.”

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat With Jordan Dunn and Cara Delvigne

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat With Jordan Dunn and Cara Delvigne

So today we will talk about Yves Saint Laurent’s amazing new product! We cannot believe we waited this long to try this product as it is really groundbreaking! The house of Yves Saint Laurent has recently released Touché Éclat, a new highlighter. What we love about this product is the fact that it rids you from the use of a concealer, as well as highlighter.

Lately people have been going on and on with contouring, and frankly I think contouring can be very tricky, a person can do some contouring and end up looking like they have painted some earthy tribal colors along their face. So what this product does best is rid you from the need to do some contouring, all you have to do for optimal results is apply a normal colored base color to your face, typically foundation or bb cream, and then use the pen like Touche Eclat to brighten up all the dim spots on your face, whether it be the circles under your eyes, or contouring your lips. Using this product really does wonders, and what is also awesome is that the effect of it lasts the entire day, without blemishes or faults. Touche Eclat, really keeps you fresh and radiant.

Yves Saint Laurent never ceases to amaze us with amazing new things season after season, we urge you to try Touche Eclat, it is genuinely recommended as a five star product, and we would love to hear about what you think of it as well!

What we are also obsessed with is the promo for the Touche Eclat campaign, featuring the gorgeous Cara Delvigne, you can check out the video below. For more Must Have products read our previous article about Givenchi’s Prisme Libre.


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