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Alt-J at The Ziggo Dome: An Epic Concert

In our previous article we introduced some of the activities that were planned for our trip to Amsterdam, and of these activities was attending the Alt-J concert at the Ziggo Dome. After having been to the concert, we regret having left Amsterdam before Madonna’s concert, and Florence and The Machine’s concert in December.

The Alt-J performance in Amsterdam was the opening act for their euro tour, and it was truly worth every second! The music was mesmerizing; the lighting set was equally as amazing. They performed for a long hour or so, the audience was really interactive to the band’s music.



The locale was much better than expected, The Ziggo Dome is truly well managed, with a hefty crowd of countless people, the queue was in constant motion, and not once did we feel the management had made any organization mistakes. The process of reaching the concert hall was not at all annoying despite the crazy queue outside.

The music was so beautiful you could call it generous! We were very happy with the experience, and the Ziggo Dome also included a branch of La Place, a local Dutch caterer, and restaurant. Food and drinks were available through tokens obtained via vending machines.

To conclude this article we want to talk about the out of this world finale that Alt-J performed during the concert. Their amazing track Hunger of The Pine made the crowd go mad! People were really super excited about the music, super happy with the ambiance, and ecstatic with the performance. Alt-J was impressive, and after having seen them in Amsterdam we really wish we had seen them when they performed in Lebanon during the summer at the Byblos Festival.

To check out the events at the Ziggo Dome, visit their website, and stay updated on Alt-j’s tour, concerts, and events, by checking out their website. 

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