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Natural Ways To Get A Brighter Smile

So, let’s talk beauty! Of the most dreadful experiences one can have, is not surprisingly: going to the dentist. Personally I find this to be such a pain. It is one of the visits I really never look forward to, in fact visiting the dentist keeps me quite sleepless the earlier night! Hence, I try to minimize the need to visit the doctor as much as I can.

Through this article, I will be providing you with tips and tricks for better dental health. We will list certain tricks in order to better help you take care of your dental hygiene, and as much as possible try to sustain fresh breath, and white teeth through natural tips and tricks.

What is interesting with these ingredients or tools, is the fact that they are all 100% natural, and they all positively contribute to our dental hygiene. The list goes on as follows:

Banana Peel:

This is a quick and fun trick, and it is extremely healthy. Use a banana peel on your teeth by rubbing the interior side of the banana peel in a circular fashion, the banana peel should rest in your mouth on your teeth and gums for around three minutes. The results are spectacular! Do this regularly, once or twice a week, as the vitamins, and minerals found within banana peel give us a spectacular smile.


This one is tricky! Maybe you are surprised to hear of this, since turmeric is yellow, and naturally how can something so yellow brighten up your teeth. However the thing is, Turmeric is one of the most important elements for one’s health it is a natural substance able to substitute so many pharmaceutical products. The method one should use for this is. Place turmeric in a little bowl and add very little water mix until you feel suitable. With your toothbrush apply the turmeric to you teeth, and brush in a circular fashion. Leave the turmeric on for a minute or two and then rinse off!

Lemon, and Bicarbonate:

Lemon and Bicarbonate are agents capable of removing any dark spots or blemishes on the teeth. The method is easy. Using a bowl or tiny container, mix in one table spoon of Bicarbonate with two tablespoons of lemon, you will feel the mixture is rising. Leave the mixture in the bowl, until liquid is formed, apply the mixture to teeth using your ring finger, and leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse afterwards and Voila!

We really hope this article was informative as well as helpful, we sure encourage the use of natural elements, and ingredients rather than fluoride infused toothpastes that are harmful for your health, and for your dental well being.

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