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Qatar Airways Announces Super Business Class

Qatar Airways Airbus A380 Paris Air Show

Air travel has its share of stress and discomfort especially for frequent travelers. The entire experience of traveling, from the irritation of having to stay in the same cubicle for hours, to the very exhausting effort we put into falling asleep on our way to a different country. For many people this experience in itself causes enough distress that extends into a mean jet lag, and emphasizes the pains of flying.

Qatar Airways Super Business Class

Qatar Airways Super Business Class

However, and for this very reason, we have lately been seeing a clear tendency for luxury and an “A class” service during flights. Airlines have started to recognize the need to provide clients, frequent travelers, and tourists with services that exceed the basic confinement ruling over airplanes, and flights. Qatar Airways has proven to be one of the pioneers in getting creative on all matters of passenger comfort. The airline has recently announced a unique high-end service to its passengers: “The Super Business Class”. A concept designed to shift travel into luxury travel, giving the passenger a feeling of privacy and a setting that makes one feel as though on board their own private jet.

Qatar Airways Super Business Class

Qatar Airways Super Business Class

In a nutshell, Qatar Airways plans to upscale its first class service by adding bedrooms available for business class passengers. This “Super Business Class” as named by Qatar Airways’ CEO will provide the customers with a double bed at business class fare. Really, what more can an individual need in order to fly more comfortably! To date this initiative proves to be the optimum of airline luxury.

Comfort comes at a price, and reason should be taken into consideration with this initiative. Other airlines such as Air France have come to develop similar concept such as the Premiere Classe that the French Airline has recently inaugurated. We really hope that this launch comes with its set of perks.

However to us, travelling comfortably should begin with how well you are prepared for your flight. Some tips for a comfortable trip are:

  • Ear plugs! Being stuck in a jet with so many individuals is such a stressful experience, to downsize the noise and annoying ambiance, wear ear plugs in case your flight is overnight else we suggest a playlist of relaxing music to accompany you through the trip.
  • Always come prepared! Whether with a book, a podcast, or a film, entertainment is the best thing there is when it comes to comfortable travel.
  • Wear layers! Temperature varies from one country to the other, and during travel we tend to always be perplexed by what to wear, easy fabrics and comfortable layers can truly make the best of your trip, try to make the variations as easy to handle as possible.
  • Shoes can do good tricks, so wear your most comfortable shoes, and remember to take them off once you board the plane. (Even etiquette suggests this is the most humane and comfortable thing to do during a flight)
  • If you do not have your own blanket or cushion, make sure to ask the flight attendant for a complementary blanket as well as pillow to better enjoy your flight.

This initiative will begin operating by 2016 and was announced at Qatar Airways’ launch of the Airbus A350. Individuals who have a flair for luxury living (and flying) will definitely welcome this unique initiative. We definitely cannot be any more anxious to see what Qatar Airways have in for us!

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