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With a forever countless digit of blogs online, we go on and on feeding our minds with data according to our interests, our drive, and our hobbies. What we usually need in a blog is what we seek to acquire. We create them, and we read them for the element of information. This blog is not one that tackles needs, however it exists to contain little compilations of life’s simple pleasures, and desires; ones that entertain, and educate at once, ones that are simple and that take us away from life’s many dilemmas.
Because it is what we wished we were able to read. Because in many places we see beauty, that sometimes we fail to recognize due to abnormal standards and perceptions of what is beautiful. We know what is common, and what is common is average. Through this blog you will get to know what we love, what we enjoy knowing, what we seek to see, where we travel, what we want to learn, and how we learn. Why has this become our direction?
Because we are dreamers, we are travelers, we find humanity in music and motion, we value art, and morality, we value human beings, and individuals elevating our standards of culture. We find beauty in nature, and good art, and we seek to share this beauty with individuals like ourselves. We are lovers of life, we are dreamers, we are young, and we want to elevate the visions of today’s youth. We resent today’s Kardashian culture, and we seek an elevated ephemeral vision of pop culture. One that’s rich with movement, art, film, music. Art created through passion, and passion through an unfathomable drive for life’s undeniable beauty. We write this blog with buckets of love, and with a great deal of hope.
This blog is about everything beautiful, and it is for absolutely everyone, it is a blog without frontiers, we talk of life, of social issues, of art, of culture, of music, of the human body, of travel and adventure. We want to make life better for ourselves and for others, whether it is with a poem, a recipe, a song, or a film. We create to please, thus emerging a joie de lire for others, finding beauty in information, and giving it all back to our readers.
We want to give out everything we love, because it truly is in giving that we receive. We are happy to announce the launch of our blog, and we really anticipate reading your valuable opinions on all things we love, the good, the bad, and everything in between.
We are The Life Pile.

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