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Why We Love The Box By No Garlic No Onions

The Box No Garlic No Onions

One of our very favorite activities, in Beirut, is eating. The act of eating is one we , however we linger, and we go on at it for many many minutes, and even hours, considering our lengthy Lebanese traditions, starting with our cold mezze, and moving onto the warmer parts of our aperitifs, also moving onto the grilled delicacies, and marinated pieces of heaven.

We consume such enticing flavors, again and again, always exploring and identifying the select items we wish to try on and on. Until, alas; a new concept came to town. Our favorite Lebanese food blog launched the amazing concept of “The Box”.

Not only does this wonderful concept identify elite food, it also encourages consumers, to try wonderful products from the many corners of Lebanon. We tend to naturally conform onto the consumption of edibles close to our homes, an at many times we forget to explore the gems of and the mysteries from north to south, from the Bekaa, and from the coast.

The box is as much entertaining as it is socially conscious, encouraging and advertising our very own local goods, in a fashion that both entices, and pleasures our senses. We adore this concept, and we hope to see much further initiatives from our favorite food blog in Beirut.

I think our words say enough about this lively concept. Not only has NGNO entertained, indulged and amused us however it has also started a culinary culture in Beirut, and in all the regions of Lebanon. No Garlic No Onions has taken Lebanon by storm, showing people the easy going, indulgent, and beautiful tastes of Lebanese cuisine, not only within Beirut’s parameter, but also within the larger scope of Lebanon, including the Bekkaa, the North, and the the South.

It is truly responsible, and awe inducing to remember the individuals working in rural areas, and to make use of the many talents and delights that they are able to create using their own homegrown and local produce.

In conclusion we really feel thrilled to be talking about the box, and about No Garlic No Onions as a blog, we hope they keep up the good work! Visit No Garlic No Onions, and learn more about their findings and adventures, we advise to make use of the many talents and brilliant taste of the people behind it. Every time you are confused and indecisive of where, and what to eat, visit No Garlic No Onions for some professional guidance.

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