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  • One of the mummified aliens found in the Nazca desert of Peru - Gaia
    What to know

    Have Mummified Aliens Been Found?

    Researchers claim that they have found mummified aliens in the Nazca desert of Peru. Could they be real? Three bodies that allegedly belong to mummified aliens have been found in Peru’s…

  • battery-free cellphone
    What to know

    The Battery-Free Cellphone

    University researchers have invented a battery-free cellphone that never needs to be charged. All our prayers have been answered! A team of researchers at the University of Washington have invented a…

  • People are snorting chocolate in the US
    What to know

    Why Are Americans Snorting Chocolate?

    Snorting chocolate has become a favorite pastime activity for many Americans, but no one really understands it. Snorting chocolate is exactly what is sounds like; you sniff up a pulverized mixture…

  • Millions of Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows
    What to know

    Where Does Chocolate Milk Come From?

    A recent study has revealed that millions of Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Chocolate milk is delicious, but you have to know that it is regular milk…

  • Reza Alireza Lou, Irani Cristiano Ronaldo look-alike
    What to know

    Iran Has Both A Messi And A Cristiano

    After the Iranian Lionel Messi doppelganger made headlines, a local Cristiano Ronaldo look-alike emerges. As it seems, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are facing-off in a popularity competition on the streets…

  • Two people holding fidget spinners
    What to know

    Do Fidget Spinners Work?

    Fidget Spinners are marketed off as a cure for ADHD, Autism and Anxiety, but how much of it is actually true? The world is just so obsessed with fidget spinners lately,…