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  • Elon Musk, creator of the hyperloop
    What to know

    Elon Musk Gets Hyperloop Approval

    The underground 760 mph Hyperloop will run along the east coast of the US, travelling from from New York to Washington DC in just 29 minutes. Elon Musk has said that…

  • battery-free cellphone
    What to know

    The Battery-Free Cellphone

    University researchers have invented a battery-free cellphone that never needs to be charged. All our prayers have been answered! A team of researchers at the University of Washington have invented a…

  • The Panda Green Energy power plant in Datong, China
    What to know

    The Panda Power Plant Is Online

    How is China generating clean energy and reducing fossil fuel induced pollution? With a panda power plant of course. China’s newest power plant is not only harvesting clean energy, but also…

  • Facebook's Aquila internet drone
    What to know

    Facebook’s Aquila Has Lifted Off

    After years in the making, Aquila, Facebook’s internet beaming drone is up in the air and ready to start interneting. Facebook recently announced that they have successfully complete the second test…

  • drone delivery
    What to know

    Drone Delivery Service Soon In Doha

    After a series of successful test flights, Qatar Post and Ministry of Transport and Communications are looking into drone delivery. The Ministry’s Smart Innovations Labs and Qatar post have successfully conducted…

  • Two people holding fidget spinners
    What to know

    Google’s Digital Fidget Spinner

    You might have missed it, but we’re here so you don’t. Try out Google’s very own take on the fidget spinner. The fidget spinner is the hottest thing right now, and…

  • 5 Facebook Bots You Should Follow
    What to know

    5 Facebook Bots You Should Follow

    In case you missed it, you can now chat with Facebook Bots, getting help and information directly through the Messenger app. We have made a list of five interesting channels you…