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  • China finds Philosopher's Stone method which can turn copper into gold
    What to know

    China Finds Philosopher’s Stone

    Well not quite that, but they have found a method that could turn regular copper into actual gold. As history tells, humans have been trying to find a way to turn…

  • Vertigo, an inner ear condition can make you feel dizzy, out of balance and like the world is spinning
    What to know

    What Do You Know About Vertigo?

    You suddenly feel like the world is spinning and you have to hold on to something, that’s what’s known as vertigo. Although all of us have heard of vertigo, and many…

  • The liver is very well a crucial organ in the human body
    What to know

    How Well Do You Know Your Liver?

    The liver might be the most underrated organ in the human body, and here’s why? Ever since you’re a kid you learn that you should take care of your liver. But…

  • NASA's OSIRIS-REx has found traces of water on the asteroid Bennu
    What to know

    NASA Finds Signs of Water on Bennu

    The NASA explorer OSIRIS-REx has found evidence of water molecules on the asteroid Bennu. After making a two-year trip to the asteroid Bennu, the NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-REx has found water fragments…

  • It's not safe to eat moldy food, mold can be toxic and dangerous
    What to know

    What To Do With Moldy Food

    While some foods can be eaten moldy, mold can be very dangerous to eat, and cutting it away is not enough. Let’s say your hungry and head to the kitchen to…

  • Scientists have found a way to regrow teeth using stem cells and a low-power laser
    What to know

    Regrow Teeth With Stem Cells

    Believe it or not, scientist have found a way to regrow teeth using stem cells and a laser. Like something out of a science fiction movie, scientists might have found a…