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  • Brie Larson stars as Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
    What to watch

    Watch The First Captain Marvel Trailer

    We just got a glimpse of the next big movie from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe: Captain Marvel. If you remember how Avengers: Infinity War ended, then you’ll know that Captain Marvel will…

  • Duck Duck Goose animated movie starring Jim Gaffigan and Zendaya on Netflix
    What to watch

    Duck Duck Goose The Movie

    The producers of Shrek and Home are bringing another fun-packed animated adventure with Duck Duck Goose. Duck Duck Goose is an American-Chinese animated comedy movie that the whole family can enjoy…

  • David Spade stars in Father of The Year, movie, netflix
    What to watch

    David Spade is Father of the Year

    The phrase “my father can beat up your father” has never been this funny. Father of the Year is soon on Netflix. It is like these roles don’t fit anyone other…

  • TAU science fiction thriller movie now on Netflix
    What to watch

    TAU Netflix Movie Review

    TAU could very well be the one Netflix science fiction thriller you need to watch all summer. On June 29, Netflix premiered TAU, a science fiction thriller directed by Federico D’Alessandro,…

  • kelsey grammer, Kristen Bell and seth rogen star in like father on netflix
    What to watch

    Like Father First Trailer

    Kelsey Grammer plays Kristen Bell’s father in Like Father, coming soon to Netflix. Sometimes you just know that a movie will be great judging from its trailer, well we have that…