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  • a technique by the us military helps you fall asleep in two minutes
    What to know

    How To Fall Asleep in Two Minutes

    There’s a secret technique used by the US military that helps soldiers fall asleep in two minutes. When you’re going through those sleepless night, during which you just toss and turn…

  • new committee has started screening women to join the Qatari armed forces for military service
    What to know

    Qatar Screens Women For Military Service

    The specialized committee has started its efforts to introduce women to military service in Qatar. The Standing Committee for the Selection of Candidates for Military Officers has announced that they have…

  • The United Kingdom's Royal Air Force RAF Red Arrows will perform in Qatar this September
    What to watch

    The RAF Red Arrows Return To Qatar

    This upcoming month, the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force (RAF) Red Arrows will once more light up the skies of Qatar. As part of their Middle East tour, the United Kingdom’s…

  • 10 Strongest Arab Armies
    What to know

    The 10 Strongest Arab Armies

    Arab nations have been stockpiling weapons in their campaign against terror for years now. Find out which are the strongest Arab armies today. With almost every Arab country fighting terrorism, some…

  • Patriot Missiles are on Qatar's new armor and defense shopping lis
    What to know

    Qatar Boosts Armor And Defense

    Qatar stocks up on armor and defense with new orders of weapons, vehicles and equipment. In recent week, the Qatari authorities have ordered a significant amount of armor and defense equipment…

  • The Qatar military could soon have the PAC JF-17 Thunder in its fleet
    What to know

    Pakistan & Qatar Military Ties To a New Level

    Pakistan offers to help with Qatar military equipment production and joint defense ventures. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced plans to assist with Qatar military equipment production, which might even include…

  • Qatar Buys 8 Super Mushshak From Pakistan
    What to know

    Qatar Buys 8 Super Mushshak From Pakistan

    Qatar buys 8 Pakistani-made training airplanes for the military fleet. With arrival of the Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain to Doha for an official visit, Pakistan and Qatar struck a deal for…