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  • the world's smallest baby boy was born weighing 268 grams at a hospital in Japan
    What to know

    World’s Smallest Baby Goes Home

    After spending months at a Tokyo hospital, the world’s smallest baby boy can finally go home, Reuters reports. A baby boy in Japan believed to be the smallest baby boy in…

  • Vertigo, an inner ear condition can make you feel dizzy, out of balance and like the world is spinning
    What to know

    What Do You Know About Vertigo?

    You suddenly feel like the world is spinning and you have to hold on to something, that’s what’s known as vertigo. Although all of us have heard of vertigo, and many…

  • The liver is very well a crucial organ in the human body
    What to know

    How Well Do You Know Your Liver?

    The liver might be the most underrated organ in the human body, and here’s why? Ever since you’re a kid you learn that you should take care of your liver. But…

  • While contact lenses and glasses help your vision, certain foods can give you better eyesight
    What to know

    Foods That Can Improve Eyesight

    Poor vision can be fixed with glasses and contact lenses, but also with special foods and nutrients. While millions around the world wear glasses or lenses to improve their vision, most…

  • It's not safe to eat moldy food, mold can be toxic and dangerous
    What to know

    What To Do With Moldy Food

    While some foods can be eaten moldy, mold can be very dangerous to eat, and cutting it away is not enough. Let’s say your hungry and head to the kitchen to…

  • Always use the right soap, water temprature and lotion when showering
    What to know

    Showering 101: A Beginner’s Guide

    While we’re sure you’ve been showering your whole life, you might have been doing it wrong this entire time. Believe it or not, but there’s more to showering than just lathering…

  • Scientist believe that dyslexia might be from the eyes instead of from the brain
    What to know

    Science Finds Cause & Cure for Dyslexia 

    Often attributed to the brain, dyslexia is type of learning difficulties that causes problems with reading, writing and spelling. Because it’s categorized as a learning difficulty, dyslexia has for long been…