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  • What to know

    What Are Tonsil Stones?

    Sometimes you wake up feeling that there’s something stuck in the back of your throat, it could be a case of tonsil stones. You may have seen those disgusting videos (that…

  • coconut water has less sugar and calories, and more potassium than sports drinks
    What to know

    The Many Benefits of Coconut Water

    While people are looking into many different kinds of beverages to stay hydrated, they often overlook coconut water. Forget about energy and sports drinks and electrolyte-rich beverages and their many promises.…

  • vegans and vegetarians are easily prone to vitamin b12 deficiency
    What to know

    Why You Need Vitamin B12

    People with vitamin B12 deficiency are prone to physical and mental health problems. Cobalamin, or vitamin B12 as it is more commonly known is essential to proper bodily functions. However, our…

  • You can not get arthritis from cracking knuckles
    What to know

    Does Cracking Knuckles Cause Arthritis?

    Hundreds of millions of people crack the knuckles on daily bases, but why aren’t they afraid of arthritis? Whether it was your mother or your elementary school teacher who caught you…

  • a technique by the us military helps you fall asleep in two minutes
    What to know

    How To Fall Asleep in Two Minutes

    There’s a secret technique used by the US military that helps soldiers fall asleep in two minutes. When you’re going through those sleepless night, during which you just toss and turn…

  • massage, protein and cold water are all good methods to fight hair loss
    What to know

    3 Ways To Reduce Hair Loss

    Come on people, if there’s one thing we hate losing, it is our beautiful, thick, healthy hair. But we don’t have to. Hair loss is one of the roots to low…

  • A Harvard professor claims that coconut oil is pure poison and contains too much saturated fat
    What to know

    Coconut Oil Is Pure Poison?

    A Harvard scientist is claiming that coconut oil is “pure poison” and “one of the worst things you can eat”. While millions around the world consider it a superfood, Dr. Karin…