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  • the Atacama skeleton, Ata, is not alien, but human
    What to know

    Ata Is Not An Alien

    Also known as the Atacama skeleton, 6-inch Ata has been confirmed as not an alien, contrary to popular belief. In 2003, Ata was discovered inside a leather pouch, abandoned, near a…

  • Chimera (chimerism) is a person with two sets of DNA, making one their own twin
    What to know

    This Model Was Born A Chimera

    What she thought to be nothing more than a birthmark turned out to be her twin – a medical condition known as chimerism. For as long as she can remember, the…

  • Scientists have used gene-editing technology to remove mutations from human embryos
    What to know

    Breakthrough In Gene-Editing Technology

    Researchers have successfully removed a gene responsible for heart failure from human embryos using gene-editing. A team of international researchers have used the CRISPR gene-editing technique to successfully remove a genetic…