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  • World’s most deadly tiny creatures
    What to know

    5 Deadly Tiny Creatures

    It is easy to stay out of harm’s way when it is obvious, but how will you protect yourself from these deadly tiny creature. As humans, we learn which creatures to…

  • Farting Is Really Healthy
    What to know

    Farting Is Really Healthy

    While most people are ashamed of farting, the biological process of releasing gas is in fact a sign of good health. The human body has many functions that disgust us, like…

  • Swiss cheese
    What to know

    Why Cheese Have Holes

    There’s actually a very reasonable explanation to why some types of cheese have holes, and it has nothing to do with mice. As a kid, I always believed that mice sneak…

  • 5 Weird Scientific Facts
    What to know

    5 Weird Scientific Facts

    In case you never paid attention in 6th grade science class, here are 5 Weird Scientific Facts that will change the way you see things.s 1. Your DNA can stretch from the…

  • What to know

    5 Common False Myths

    Discover 5 common myths proven to be false, and learn their origin. Every day we hear myths that a majority of people believe to be true just because they heard it…

  • What to know

    Game of Thrones Trivia

    Did you know? Greyscale the illness of princess Shireen is based on an actual diseas called Leprosy which causes skin lesions. Aemon Targarean played by Peter Vaughan is actually blind in…

  • What to know

    Facts About Water Consumption In Doha

    Qatar is known for being the country with the highest levels of water consumption in the world and the government has been spending billions of riyals in order to rationalize water…