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  • top inventions and gadgets nike tesla oculus
    What to know

    Top Inventions of 2017

    2017 has truly been a year of innovation. Let’s take a look at some the year’s greatest inventions. No year has really brought us into the future as 2017. Everything we…

  • Facebook is expected to launch TV streaming service in August.
    What to know

    Facebook Is Entering Showbiz

    It might be time to cancel your Netflix subscription, because Facebook are putting millions into producing their own shows and series. Facebook have announced that they are starting to produce high-quality…

  • Facebook's Aquila internet drone
    What to know

    Facebook’s Aquila Has Lifted Off

    After years in the making, Aquila, Facebook’s internet beaming drone is up in the air and ready to start interneting. Facebook recently announced that they have successfully complete the second test…

  • 5 Facebook Bots You Should Follow
    What to know

    5 Facebook Bots You Should Follow

    In case you missed it, you can now chat with Facebook Bots, getting help and information directly through the Messenger app. We have made a list of five interesting channels you…

  • Snapchat intoduces new World Lenses tool
    What to know

    Snapchat Introduces World Lenses

    Facebook will have trouble keeping up with Snapchat as they release their newest Augmented Reality-based tool, World Lenses. The race between Facebook and Snapchat has been ongoing for a while now.…

  • Personal Fundraisers Examples - Facebook
    What to know

    Introducing Facebook Fundraisers

    Facebook just introduced a new tool that will allow you to launch fundraisers for almost any cause that can cross your mind. Well, fundraisers on Facebook might not be scams anymore.…