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  • Types of Cheddar Cheese
    What to know

    Different Types of Cheddar Cheese

    At the market you can find mild, medium, sharp and extra-sharp cheddar cheese, but what does it really mean? There are a lot of cheese fanatics out there who just don’t…

  • Different beef cuts
    What to know

    Know Your Beef

    Learn how to spot the perfect beef for the perfect steak as we explain this beef cuts chart. When it comes to cooking with beef, it’s all about finding the right…

  • Making Your Own Soy Milk
    What to make

    Making Your Own Soy Milk

    While soy milk has become a popular replacement for dairy milk, few people know what it really is and how to make it. In fact, it is very simple to make…

  • Bateel International
    What to visit

    Bateel International Moves Into Qatar

    Bateel International arrives to Qatar with six new locations this year. Bateel International, the Saudi-based gourmet dates specialists, will be bringing their brand to Qatar under a series of openings of…

  • Vegan Bacon Is Here
    What to know

    Vegan Bacon Is Here

    Researchers have found seaweed that tastes like bacon and is twice as healthy as kale. Researchers at Oregon State University have patented a new strain of seaweed that allegedly tastes exactly…