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  • A lady spraying perfume onto her wrist
    What to wear

    Know Your Perfume

    Having trouble figuring out the difference between perfume, eau de toilette and eau de cologne? We’ll explain it to you. The different names given to perfume are actually terminology to classify…

  • What is henna?
    What to wear

    What Is Henna?

    Discover the origins of henna, the beautiful ceremonial skin artworks that Arab and Indian women draw over their hands and feet. Henna is in fact the name of the plant, Lawsonia…

  • Is Lip Balm Good For You
    What to know

    Is Lip Balm Good For You?

    Do you feel like your lip balm is not working for you? Well your lip balm might actually be the problem. Chapped lips is a very annoying problem that torments millions…

  • Benefits of Coconut oil
    What to know

    The Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil

    Discover the amazing benefits of coconut oil. The thick and fatty pulp can do wonders to your skin, hair and face. Coconut oil, is as its name implies, the oil extracted…

  • Lush Honey Bars Cosmetics
    What to wear

    Skin and Hair Care Essentials

    Garnier Fructis Volume Extend- Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo Innovation in the beauty care industry is an essentiality, as health, well being, and practicality are a need for individuals undergoing the stress…