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  • learn how to make sun dried tomatoes at home
    What to make

    Learn How To Sun Dry Tomatoes At Home

    Drying tomatoes in the sun leaves a richer flavor than drying them in an over or dehydrator. To sun dry tomatoes doesn’t require any special skills or equipment. It is easy,…

  • steak dinner, tasty and quick steak recipe
    What to make

    A Fancy Steak Dinner in Minutes

    Have a sudden date or don’t have enough time to cook yourself a fancy dinner? Here’s a quick and yummy steak recipe. Steak dinners are the best. Maybe it’s just me,…

  • Poisonous foods containing hydrogen cyanide
    What to know

    5 Poisonous Foods You Have at Home

    Don’t just assume that everything you have in the kitchen is safe, here are poisonous foods you have at home. Surprise surprise, you have been around poisonous foods your whole life…

  • Types of Cheddar Cheese
    What to know

    Different Types of Cheddar Cheese

    At the market you can find mild, medium, sharp and extra-sharp cheddar cheese, but what does it really mean? There are a lot of cheese fanatics out there who just don’t…

  • Cap know the difference between cooked vegetables and steamed vegetables
    What to know

    Steamed Vegetables Vs. Cooked Vegetables

    Despite tasting almost equally as good, there’s a big difference in nutrition and flavor between steamed vegetables and cooked vegetables. There are many ways to go with vegetables, grilled, fried, tossed,…

  • Different beef cuts
    What to know

    Know Your Beef

    Learn how to spot the perfect beef for the perfect steak as we explain this beef cuts chart. When it comes to cooking with beef, it’s all about finding the right…