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    Meet Sonia And Fyza Ali

    Get to know beauty bloggers Sonia and Fyza Ali, who have gained huge popularity for their stunning looks and striking resemblance to the Kardashians. Social media is obsessed with the Ali…

  • #HalalPaint
    What to wear

    Meet #HalalPaint

    An American beauty products brand just released #HalalPaint, a nail polish line for Muslim women. The American nail polish company Orly teamed up with and the outcome is revolutionary –…

  • A Vaccine That Cures Acne
    What to know

    A Vaccine That Cures Acne

    Forget the teenage nightmare called acne, the red inflammation filled with pus will not have a take on children’s self-esteem anymore. Acne has haunted teenagers forever, but its reign of terror…

  • A women recieving a botox injection
    What to know

    What Do You Really Know About Botox?

    While Botox has become the world’s most popular anti-wrinkle injection, there’s much people still don’t know about it. Botulinum toxin or BTX is more popularly known as Botox, clearly, to hide…

  • What is henna?
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    What Is Henna?

    Discover the origins of henna, the beautiful ceremonial skin artworks that Arab and Indian women draw over their hands and feet. Henna is in fact the name of the plant, Lawsonia…

  • activated charcoal
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    Discover Activated Charcoal

    Have you explored the full potential of activated charcoal? Its uses and results will astonish you. It’s no secret that we all want to look better, and in the search for…

  • Cryotherapy
    What to know

    Have You Heard Of Cryotherapy?

    What is cryotherapy and why are the world’s top athletes addicted to it? There has been a widespread craze for Cryotherapy within the athletic’s society lately, which has been followed by…

  • How To Protect Your Facial Skin
    What to know

    How To Protect Your Facial Skin

    Have you ever wondered how to wash your face the right way to get that perfect facial skin? You’re face is everything, it is how you’re seen and remembered, it is…