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  • Lebanese designer Lea Daaboul creates sustainable swimwear using eco-friendly fashion - Lea the Label
    What to wear

    Get To Know Léa the Label

    Lebanese designer Léa Daaboul, creator of Léa the Label, believes in sustainable premium swimwear. You might have heard that our oceans are filled with plastic waste, rapidly polluting the waters and…

  • Residents can now enjoy Katara Beach at Katara Cultural Village for free
    What to visit

    Katara Beach is Now Free

    The beach at Katara Cultural Village in Doha is one of the most beautiful and well maintained beaches in the country. Although close to central Doha, which makes it convenient for…

  • Hawksbill Turtles Begin Nesting Season
    What to know

    Hawksbill Turtles Begin Nesting Season

    Each year during Hawksbill nesting seasons, Qatar’s northeastern shores close down to give the turtles a safe breeding space. Qatar’s Ministry of Municipality and Environment issued a memo late last week,…

  • What to know

    ONEAN – The Future of Water Sports

    Everyone loves water sports. There is something about water, whether in the ocean, lakes, rivers or pools, people can not get enough of playing around in water. Every year millions around…

  • What to visit

    The Most Gorgeous Beaches In Qatar

    The peninsular monarchy surrounded by the Arabian Sea has a 563-km sandy coastline, which means there is a big number of sandy beaches available all over the country. If you are…