• when your arms and legs fall asleep, they’ll become numb or give a sensation of pins and needles
    What to know

    Why Do Arms & Legs Fall Asleep?

    Whether it feels numb, pins and needles, or simply completely paralyzed, there’s a reason arms and legs fall asleep. Sometimes it happens while you’re asleep, other times when you spend too…

  • Harley-Davidson reveals LiveWire electric motorcycle
    What to know

    An electric Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Is Coming

    The iconic motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has announced a first-of-its-kind electric motorcycle. It’s not just an idea, but the nature-friendly motorbike already exists. Harley-Davidson unveiled their first electric motorcycle at the Milan…

  • Moschino and H&M teamed up for collaboration fashion line
    What to wear

    H&M x Moschino Is Out!

    H&M has teamed up with fashion house Moschino to bring you the hottest designer clothes at affordable prices. All over the world, fashionistas have lined up to get their first look…

  • The Spice Girls are back for a 2019 reunion tour
    What to visit

    The Spice Girls Are Back!

    Spice Girls, one of the most iconic pop bands from the 90s, are back for a 2019 reunion tour. During the highlight of their career, Spice Girls was one of the…

  • Doctors in Canada will be giving patients prescription art
    What to know

    A New Prescription Drug Hits Canada; Art

    Under a new initiative, doctors in Canada will be able to prescribe ‘art’ as medicine for patients’ health. Although unconventional, it’s easy to understand how this would work from a medicinal…