• Swiss cheese
    What to know

    Why Cheese Have Holes

    There’s actually a very reasonable explanation to why some types of cheese have holes, and it has nothing to do with mice. As a kid, I always believed that mice sneak…

  • One of the mummified aliens found in the Nazca desert of Peru - Gaia
    What to know

    Have Mummified Aliens Been Found?

    Researchers claim that they have found mummified aliens in the Nazca desert of Peru. Could they be real? Three bodies that allegedly belong to mummified aliens have been found in Peru’s…

  • battery-free cellphone
    What to know

    The Battery-Free Cellphone

    University researchers have invented a battery-free cellphone that never needs to be charged. All our prayers have been answered! A team of researchers at the University of Washington have invented a…

  • Titan from Saturn
    What to know

    Humans Are Off To Live On Titan

    You’d think that Mars or Moon are the contenders to house the first human space colony, but Saturn’s Titan might take home the prize. People have dreamed of colonizing space pretty…

  • Khalid Al-Jaber
    What to know

    Khalid Al-Jaber Takes The Silk Route

    Qatari national Khalid Al-Jaber has become the first Arab to complete the Silk Route on a motorbike. Khalid Al-Jaber, an adventure biker from Qatar set out on an epic journey on…

  • Ras Bufontas special economic zone render
    What to know

    The Special Economic Zone Project Is A Go

    The Ismail Bin Ali Group will start construction on the first special economic zone this month, Manateq announced. Manateq, the leading provider of special economic zones, logistics parks and industrial zones…

  • People are snorting chocolate in the US
    What to know

    Why Are Americans Snorting Chocolate?

    Snorting chocolate has become a favorite pastime activity for many Americans, but no one really understands it. Snorting chocolate is exactly what is sounds like; you sniff up a pulverized mixture…

  • The Panda Green Energy power plant in Datong, China
    What to know

    The Panda Power Plant Is Online

    How is China generating clean energy and reducing fossil fuel induced pollution? With a panda power plant of course. China’s newest power plant is not only harvesting clean energy, but also…

  • Cloud eggs
    What to make

    This How You Make Cloud Eggs

    Cloud eggs are the internet’s food lovers’ newest obsession and they are so easy to make. Sometimes the foods that look very hard to make are the easiest. That applies to…

  • Flaked
    What to watch

    Time To Watch Flaked

    Will Arnett excels as a writer, producer, director and star of Netflix’s Flaked, a comedy so sad. As the second season of Flaked was released earlier this month, it is about…