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  • Dumbo (1941)
    What to watch

    Dumbo Is Returning In Live-Action

    Disney’s 1942 classic Dumbo is returning to the silver screen, but this time in live-action and directed by the genius Tim Burton. Yes! We will be fortunate enough to witness another…

  • Flaked
    What to watch

    Time To Watch Flaked

    Will Arnett excels as a writer, producer, director and star of Netflix’s Flaked, a comedy so sad. As the second season of Flaked was released earlier this month, it is about…

  • Deon Cole, season 1 episode 3, The Standups, Netflix
    What to watch

    The Standups Of Netflix

    Comedy enthusiasts prepare yourself for a season of laughter as Netflix drops The Standups. It’s been a good year for comedy so far, especially if you have a Netflix subscription. They…

  • Shadow Moon - American Gods
    What to watch

    American Gods Review

    A story both strange and familiar, exploring belief and human nature like never before, that’s American Gods. Shadow Moon is in way over his head, and despite knowing that, he knows…

  • Dari Qatar screenshot
    What to watch

    Dari Qatar: A Film By All Of Us

    Created with the participation of more than 200 people living the country, Dari Qatar is a reflection of the dynamic Qatari culture. In 2015, a collaborative project between the Doha Film…

  • Oh Hello, On Broadway
    What to watch

    Oh, Hello From Broadway To Netflix

    Nick Kroll and John Mulaney stars in the Broadway show you just need to see, and it is now available on Netflix. Who hasn’t dreamed of watching a Broadway show? Well,…

  • Shimmer Lake
    What to watch

    Watching Shimmer Lake

    A bank robbery gone wrong forces a small-town honest cop to hunt down his very own brother in Shimmer Lake. Shimmer Lake follows a crime story told backwards. When small town…

  • Okja
    What to watch

    Okja: From Cannes To Netflix

    Tilda Swinton plays a ruthless and powerful CEO looking to profit off a young girl’s best friend – a beast named Okja. A young Korean farmer girl named Mija (Ahn Seo-hyun)…