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  • Qatar welcomes 6 new food trucks to MIA Park
    What to visit

    Meet The 6 New Food Trucks At MIA Park

    Qatar Museums have announced the six lucky winners that will set up food trucks along MIA Park in the coming weeks. Last year, Qatar Museums announced the availability of five spots…

  • Nationals from 242 countries can enter Qatar via an electronic visa (e-visa)
    What to visit

    Qatar E-Visa Available For 242 Nationalities

    Two days after announcing visa-free entry for 80 nations, Qatar announces e-visa availability for travelers from 242 countries. Nationals from many countries felt left out earlier this week when Qatar introduced…

  • The Qatari majlis
    What to visit

    Your Guide To The Qatari Majlis

    Every evening, men and women gather at the majlis, one of Qatar’s most preserved and practiced Arab tradition. Upon first look, a traditional majlis, a tent or building with carpet-covered floor…

  • Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Turkey
    What to visit

    Three New ME UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    UNESCO introduced three new landmarks in the Middle East to their 2017 list of World Heritage Sites. Since 1972, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has been recognizing…

  • What to visit

    Welcome to Ouzville, Lebanon

    Lebanese artist transformed a neglected Beirut suburb into a colorful piece of art, he calls it Ouzville. For long now, the Ouzai district just outside of Beirut has been neglected and…

  • 10 Abandoned Cities Around The World
    What to visit

    10 Abandoned Cities Around The World

    Get ready to amend your bucket list, because you’ll want to visit these 10 abandoned cities before you die. Civilizations rise, civilizations fall – this has been a continuous pattern throughout…