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  • Elon Musk will send Yusaku Maezawa to the moon in a SpaceX Big Falcon Rocket
    What to know

    Elon Musk Is Sending People To The Moon

    Elon Musk will send a Japanese billionaire and eight other people for a vacation around the moon. Elon Musk has announced that he will be sending Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and…

  • Vodafone Qatar will introduce eSIM support along with the new iPhone
    What to know

    Vodafone Qatar Introduces eSIM

    Qatar will become the first country in the region, and among first in the world, to support eSIM technology. Vodafone Qatar will pioneer in the adoption of eSIM technology when they…

  • Sony introduces PlayStation Classic mini console
    What to know

    Sony Rolls Out PlayStation Classic

    Got retro fever? Then the PlayStation Classic with 20 games from your childhood is what you want for Christmas. Sony has announced that they will be bringing back the original PlayStation…

  • Dream catchers are originally native american
    What to know

    The History of Dream Catchers

    You’ve probably seen them hanging in storefronts, windows and cars, but what are dream catchers and where did they come from? Dream catchers have been part of popular culture for long…

  • Boeing 777x Jetliner
    What to know

    Boeing Unveils 777X Jetliner

    The Boeing 777X will be the world’s biggest twin-engine passenger jetliner in the skies, and it’s almost here. Earlier this month, the American aerospace giant Boeing gave us the first glimpse…

  • Qatar Quality company announced of plans to start manufacturing electric cars in Qatar
    What to know

    Electric Cars Made in Qatar

    We might be manufacturing electric cars, right here in Qatar, by as soon as 2023. Ali bin Nasser al Misnad, Chairman of the Qatar Quality company, have announced that Qatar might…

  • bed sheets and pillowcases are full of bacteria and fungi
    What to know

    Wash Your Bed Sheets Now!

    If you don’t stain or spill something on your bed sheets it might be a while before you wash them. Scientists believe that you should be washing your bed sheets, pillowcases…

  • Rhodium, platinum, ruthenium, iridum and rhodium are the most valuable metals
    What to know

    Most Expensive Metals In The World

    While gold has a high status globally, there are far more expensive metals out there. They say that all that glitters isn’t gold. It’s true, because it could be something far…

  • coconut water has less sugar and calories, and more potassium than sports drinks
    What to know

    The Many Benefits of Coconut Water

    While people are looking into many different kinds of beverages to stay hydrated, they often overlook coconut water. Forget about energy and sports drinks and electrolyte-rich beverages and their many promises.…