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  • Debby Ryan stars in the high school drama Insatiable, now on Netflix
    What to watch

    Debby Ryan is Insatiable

    From a bullied overweight teen to a beauty pageant top contender, Debby Ryan stars in Insatiable, now on Netflix. Throughout high school, Patricia Bladell was known as Fatty Patty. But after…

  • Cameroon football veteran Samuel Eto’o has signed to play for Qatar Sports Club
    What to know

    Qatar Sports Club Welcomes Samuel Eto’o

    Samuel Eto’o, football superstar from Cameroon, will join former teammates as he sings to play in Qatar league. It was announced yesterday that veteran Cameroon football star Samuel Eto’o has ended…

  • Nasa has launched the Parker Solar Probe towards the sun
    What to know

    Parker Solar Probe Is Off To The Sun

    Nasa has just launch the Parker Solar Probe, the first mission to explore the surface of our sun. Nasa made history again on Sunday morning after they launched the Parker Solar…

  • June and Harry from The Innocents - Netflix Original series
    What to watch

    The Innocents Is Intense!

    It is enough to watch the trailer to understand that The Innocents will be one heck of a ride. Created by Hania Elkington and Simon Duric, this new Netflix Original series…

  • Crocs, makers of the popular foam clog shows are closing down their last factory
    What to know

    Crocs Close Down Last Factory

    Crocs have announced that they will be closing down their last factory in Italy, sparking global outrage. Although the internet has always claimed to hate Crocs, the comfortable foam clog shoe,…

  • oldest mayan skeleton has been discovered in mexico
    What to know

    Oldest Mayan Remains Found in Mexico

    A 7,000 year-old skeleton found in Mexico could be earliest Mayan ever discovered. Researchers from the National Institute of Anthropological History (INAH) in Mexico have unearthed the remains of three skeletons…