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Adidas Commits To No “Virgin” Plastic By 2024

Adidas pledges to reduce plastic waste by using only recycled plastic in products

Global sportswear makers Adidas say they will be using only recycled plastics in their products by 2024.

Adidas, the world’s second largest sportswear manufacturer, has pledged to eliminate the use of “virgin” plastic in all of their products by the year 2024, the Financial Times reported. This includes polyester, a light, quick-drying plastic that is used in everything from sneakers to sports bras.

The company also said that they would start using recycled plastic only in stores, offices and warehouses as well, eliminating an estimate of 40 tons of plastic per year.

Adidas already started the reduction with its 2019 spring and summer clothing line, saying that 41% will be made up of recycled plastics.

The three stripe company is following the footsteps of several global companies that are cutting their use of plastics. While coffee giant Starbucks pledged to eliminate plastic straws from its stores, Swedish IKEA have said that they will stop serving single use plastic products in their stores and restaurants.

In 2017, the company made 1 million Parley shoes, made from plastic waste that were saved from ocean dumps. This year they plan on make 5 million of such pairs of shoes.

Over the past five decades the world is using twenty times more plastics than it did before, and is expected to twice as much as today by 2040. To counter the environmental damage that plastic wastes make, governments around the world are starting to enforce stricter plastic usage laws.

Researchers predict that they world’s oceans will contain more plastic than fish in terms of weight by the year 2050.

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