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The Useful iPhone Hack You Never Knew About

this Apply iPhone keyboard feature is a useful hack

Your iPhone has had this feature for more than three years, but very few people even know about it.

When it comes to iPhone hacks, we really don’t know why Apple doesn’t publicize them better. There are tons of useful feature and shortcuts on your smartphone that you don’t even know about.

Sometimes, lucky people stumble across them and are nice enough to share them with the rest of us.

The latest iPhone hack that has taken over the internet will help you type, actually edit your typing, much faster.

You know that instance when you misspell something and you have to hold the cursor and wait for the magnifying window to appear, and then you have to drag with you fat fingers but never gets it right?

Apparently that whole thing is useless.

You can simply tap and hold the spacebar for a few second, and after your keyboard has disappeared you’ll be in control of the cursor. Just drag across the blank part of the screen and place where you want it to be.

Yes, it was hard for me to visualize it at first as well, so go ahead and try it out yourself.

The feature was introduced with the release of iPhone 6S, back in 2015, and have gone unnoticed since. Apple definitely needs to work harder on communicating all their devices’ features.

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