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Chat With Businesses Using Google Maps

A new message feature in Google Maps will allow you to directly chat with businesses

The next time you update Google Maps you’ll find a new feature that allows you to chat with businesses.

Google has announced that the Google Maps app will soon let users chat with businesses directly. When the new update arrives, for both iOS and Android users, it will have a new “Message” button available in the left-side menu.

When a users finds the business they are looking for in Google Maps, they simply slide out the menu, tap message, and become directly connected to the business in a new chat window.

Businesses that want to be part of this feature will have to use Google’s “My Business” verification system, as well as its mobile application to be able to send and receive texts from potential customers.

This feature can help both businesses and clients connect and communicate more easily and efficiently.

However, it is a bit odd that Google continues to invest in messaging platforms when their key messaging service “Hangouts” is pretty much dead. But this feature is still pretty cool and could be made use of regularly if applied correctly.

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