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Showering 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Always use the right soap, water temprature and lotion when showering

While we’re sure you’ve been showering your whole life, you might have been doing it wrong this entire time.

Believe it or not, but there’s more to showering than just lathering yourself up in soap and rinsing clean with running water. Although any type of shower leaves you feeling fresh, it might be taking a toll on your skin’s and hair’s health.

Despite some people claiming that showering daily is bad for you, it is not if you do it properly.

What makes daily showers “bad” is the fact that showering can strip the skin of essential natural oils. Especially if you’re using too much – or not the right kind of – soap. If you’re not feeling particularly dirty, it is more than enough to lather up your hair, underarms and private parts (that’s where most of the dirt sticks).

Soap can also have a dehydrating effect on your body, especially shower gels. Make sure to use a gentle soap, and pat yourself dry instead of rubbing (this goes for your hair as well).

Do keep your skin radiant, healthy and hydrated, use a hydrating lotion or cream directly after showering, whilst your still damp. This will help trap much of the moisture in your skin, protecting it from dehydration and irritation.

As for the water temperature, too hot and too cold showers are never recommended. Although one is relaxing and the other revitalizing, it is better if you shower with lukewarm water to protect your skin.

Bad habits dies hard, we know. But it is never too late to start doing things right. Watch your soap usage, clean only what’s necessary and use lotion, you’ll feel the difference quickly.

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