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Detective Pikachu, Why?!

Ryan Reynolds stars as Detective Pikachu in a new Pokemon movie

The world woke up today to the a glimpse of an upcoming Pokemon movie, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

While the world loves Pokemon, and Pikachu in particular, the idea of a live action adaptation of the movie has always been eerie. You’ve given it though, maybe even imagined it, but gave it up a few seconds later because you were starting to creep yourself out.

Well, maybe you should’ve passed on your Pokemon movie idea over to the executives at Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures, and The Pokemon Company, because apparently they loved one of the weird movie ideas and just went for it.

When I first saw the trailer, i couldn’t tell if it was a joke, a parody, or just one of Ryan Reynolds’ weird projects no one understands. But no, the quite popular (and good) actor was not joking; Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

First though I had? Why is Ryan Reynolds Pikachu? Seriously? Ryan Reynolds stars as Pikachu? How will we ever move on from that? You got the same guy that plays Van Wilder and Deadpool to play little, innocent, detective Pikachu?

Here, have a look yourself:

Then there is the story line. Why is Pikachu a detective? What happened to Ash Ketchum, Pokemon battles, and evil plots to destroy/control the world? When they could’ve given us the most epic Pokemon saga ever, they decided to deliver Pee Wee Herman Sherlock Holmes (and we’re not talking about the British series either)?

Anyway, the movie does have an impressive cast. It stars Ryan Reynolds (why?!) and Justice Smith, alongside Kathryn Newton and Ken Watanabe. So that must account for something.

Will the awkwardness of watching that trailer grow on us? Maybe. But I will not give my final verdict until I’ve seen it. Not because I want to, but because I have to.

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