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Shazam Your Music Directly Onto Instagram

Share Shazam searches and IGTV videos directly to your Instagram Story

You can now let your friends know what music you searched for by sharing your Shazam search to your Instagram Story.

More and more apps are integrating with Instagram, allowing you to share content directly to the popular app. Last week Instagram allowed you to share music from SoundCloud directly to your Instagram Stories. Today, you can share Shazam.

To do so, simply Shazam any song and then tap the share option. If you’re using the latest version of both apps, Instagram should be given as an option automatically. Click share and it’s done.

The company announced that the feature will be available to iOS users starting November 1, given that they have updated both apps. They added that the feature will become available on Android soon, but did not say how soo.

Shazam has been a subsidiary of Apple ever since they acquired the company in September.

Instagram also made it possible for users to share IGTV videos directly to your Instagram Stories. All you have to do is tap the little share icon (which looks like a paper plane), and choose “add to your story.”

However, you will not be adding the entire video, but a preview instead. Followers watching the preview will have the option to tap on it to be redirected to watch the entire video on IGTV.

IGTV was released both an independent app and an Instagram feature in June. It’s success remains a mystery since Instagram has not released any reports on how well it’s doing.

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