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SoundCloud Introduces Instagram Stories

SoundCloud now allows you to share music to Instagram Stories

Online music sharing app SoundCloud now lets you share songs directly to Instagram Stories.

SoundCloud announced that it will start allowing users to share music from the app directly Instagram Stories, starting October 23.

The new feature is easy to use and is as simple as other sharing features. To put song from SoundCloud to your Instagram Stories, look up the song you want to share in the app and tap on the share button in the bottom of the screen (this could vary depending on the phone you’re using).

The app will automatically redirect you to Instagram, where you can edit the story. It will feature album art and a movable sticker that links to the song.

A similar feature was introduced by Spotify back in May, while Instagram updated their app to allow background music which you could choose from a library with thousands of entries from artists like Cardi B Demi Lovato.

With tens of millions of users on both apps, this could be the next best way to share your favorite music tracks with your friends. Artists can also make use of the feature to promote music and attract traffic to their SoundCloud profile.

Users using the latest versions of the SoundCloud and Instagram apps can now use this feature on both iOS and Android.

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