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Uber Introduces Free Calls

Uber drivers can now use mobile data to communicate with riders over VoIP

With the new VoIP feature, Uber drivers can communicate with riders directly through the app.

Uber have announced that drivers and riders can communicate using the app by using the new VoIP (voice over internet protocol) feature. It works similarly to Skype and WhatsApp Call.

It became globally available as of yesterday, October 18, the company said at a conference in San Francisco.

Prior to this, drivers had to use SMS messages, in-app chats or regular cellular calls to communicate with riders and let them know that they have arrived. Most of which, cost money to make.

Now, people living in countries where mobile data is cheaper than cellular calls will be able to have better service, and won’t have to think twice before making the call. It will also save Uber drivers a significant sum of money each month.

Another group of people who could benefit from this are travelers. Instead of having to call using roaming rates, or purchase a local sim card, they can use whatever internet connection available/close by to call a pick up.

Not to forget, cellular coverage is very poor in densely populated areas, as well as concerts and events.

If you think about it, this is the exactly what the application needed to enter a global market (although it already is global). More people around the world are relying on mobile data, which has become cheaper and more available in many parts of the world.

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