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An Interactive Black Mirror Episode is Coming

There will be an interactive episode from Black Mirror season 5

Netflix is reportedly working on an interactive Black Mirror episode in which you can “choose your own adventure.”

Bloomberg has reported that Netflix will release an interactive episode of the dystopian anthology series Black Mirror as soon as before next year. Netflix however have yet not revealed a premier date for the season 5 of the popular series.

Black Mirror is a science fiction anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker. The first three seasons aired on Britain’s Channel 4, but it was picked up by Netflix for production and release of season 4 and beyond.

Although controversial in nature, the show gained even more controversy about how it ended its episodes before and after the Netflix pick-up. The ending of episodes in the earlier seasons were somewhat bleak, while season 4 episodes had more happier endings.

However, now the show is going in a different direction. According to a Bloomberg report, viewers will get more say in how an episode ends.

Back in 2017, Bloomberg reported that Netflix was working on interactive shows for adults, after having experimented with interactive series for children.

Since the show deals with how technology will control the future, it is an excellent series to debut the technology through.

The report didn’t say much about the episode itself, and not even about the source of the story. But it did expected that Black Mirror season 5, including the interactive episode, to be aired before the end of 2018.

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