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Ooredoo Tests 5G Taxi Drone Above Doha

Ooredoo tested a taxi drone through its 5G network

The capital of Qatar, Doha, has become the first city to have a 5G operated taxi drone tested over it.

Ooredoo tested a taxi drone, an aerial vehicle operated by the company’s 5G network, during an exclusive event last Wednesday. The event was attended by the company’s management and a list of public figures.

The same 5G technology will eventually be used to operate everything, from aerial taxis and buses to delivery drones and houseboats. A 5G experience us and a 5G houseboat were among other technologies tested at The Pearl-Qatar that day.

The 5G drone

The 5G drone.

Aimed at showcasing the power and speed of Ooredoo’s 5G network with smart city technology, some attendees got the chance to test the technologies hands-on.

A lucky group of passenger took a ride in the Ooredoo 5G bus, on which they could make us of the network while on the move. Similar technology could be installed onto all buses in the future, and have commuters connected at all times. The 5G internet speed on the bus was as fast as 2.6Gbps.

“The Ooredoo 5G rollout is growing daily, but as our customers cannot yet access the speeds and benefits of our ongoing investment, we wanted to demonstrate the true power of 5G and showcase what our technology will do for Qatar in the near future and in the years to come,” said Waleed Al Sayed, Ooredoo Chief Executive Officer.

“Ooredoo is leading global Internet of Things innovation thanks to our world-class 5G networks and we are the clear partner for Qatar’s growing Smart City technological needs. Thanks to our Supernet network and IoT solutions, Qatar will soon be able to offer the futuristic experiments shown today to everyone connected to Ooredoo 5G” he added.

Capable of carrying two people for a 20 minute-long ride with speeds upto 130 km/h, the taxi drone can pick up passengers and transport them to their destination using only the 5G network and no driver.

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